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Use this process to apply for an IRD number if you:

  • live in New Zealand and are a New Zealand citizen
  • have moved to New Zealand, but you are not a 'new arrival' as advised by Immigration NZ. If you have recently arrived in New Zealand, check the page below.

New arrival to New Zealand - IRD number application

Apply online and then go to an AA driver licensing agent

Use the following steps to help you get all of your documents ready to apply online.

Once you've applied, you have 60 days to take your identification documents to an AA driver licensing agent. They need to verify your identity before we can give you an IRD number. You can use the link in step 5 to find the agent closest to you.

Gather your identification documents

You'll need 1 of these category A documents:

  • current New Zealand (NZ) passport
  • current overseas passport and a visa that shows the right to work in New Zealand
  • full NZ birth certificate issued after 1 January 1998
  • NZ citizenship certificate
  • NZ firearm or dealer licence
  • NZ certificate of identity from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) or the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)
  • NZ refugee travel document
  • NZ emergency travel document.

You can not use an expired passport when applying online. If you need to use an expired passport as 1 of your identification documents, check out 'other ways to do this'.

You'll also need 1 of these category B documents:

  • current New Zealand (NZ) driver licence
  • current overseas driver licence
  • NZ 18+ card
  • Kiwi Access Card - replaces the HANZ 18+ card
  • HANZ 18+ card - existing cards are valid until their expiry dates
  • NZ student photo ID
  • International Driving Permit.

If you’ve changed your name, you'll need a document proving your name change. This can be either a:

  • marriage or civil union certificate
  • name change certificate.

If applying for your child's IRD number

As well as the documents you have already gathered for yourself, you will need an identification (ID) document for your child. You will need 1 of the following:

  • current New Zealand (NZ) passport
  • full NZ birth certificate issued after 1 January 1998
  • NZ citizenship certificate
  • NZ student photo ID.

You can not use an expired passport when applying online. If you need to use an expired passport as 1 of your identification documents for your child, check out 'other ways to do this'.

If your documents do not show your relationship with your child, you’ll also need a document such as:

  • adoption papers
  • parenting orders
  • guardianship orders
  • Statutory declaration IR595D form.


Scan your documents

Make sure you've made electronic versions of the ID documents you've chosen. You need to upload them during the online application.

For passports, you only need to scan the pages showing your photo and names.

Get certified translations for documents not in English

If your identification documents are not in English, you must get them translated into English by an approved translator. Your translation will need to be certified.

Waka Kotahi - New Zealand Transport Agency has a full list of approved translators or you can use the Translation Service.

Approved translators (Waka Kotahi - New Zealand Transport Agency)

Translating documents into English ( information for the Translation Service)

Get your documents verified

Once you've applied online, you have 60 days to take your original, physical identification (ID) documents to an AA driver licensing agent for verification. Note that only the AA Centres verify documents. The AA  Auto Centres do not do this.

Locations (AA driver licensing agents)

You can complete a paper application and take it to an AA driver licensing agent, NZ Post store or an Inland Revenue office to verify your documents.

Using a passport to verify your identity?

AA driver licensing agents and NZ Post store need to see a current passport. Inland Revenue will accept an expired passport, but we'll need to interview you and confirm some details.

Individual IRD number applications (AA)

Find NZ Post

If you're doing everything by paper, you'll need to know the following.

  • New Zealand citizens, resident-visa holders and Australian citizens use the Resident individual IRD number application - IR595.
  • If you have another type of visa or you're an offshore person, use the Non-resident/offshore individual IRD number application - IR742.
  • Once approved, you'll be sent your IRD number within 12 working days by post.

If you do not have enough of the identification documents listed above, give us a call to find out your options:

0800 377 774

You can also get an IRD number for your baby when you register the birth at SmartStart.

Register your baby (SmartStart)

What happens next

Once the AA driver licensing agent has verified your documents, you'll get your IRD number by text or email within 10 working days if you apply online, and 12 working day if you fill out the paper form.

My responsibilities

  • Keep your IRD number where you can easily find it. You'll need it for tax-related events in your life.
  • You can start using myIR once you get your IRD number.
  • Tell us about any changes. The easiest way to update your details is in myIR.

Register for a personal myIR account

Update my details

Last updated: 05 Mar 2024
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