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myIR, payments and more

Non-profit organisations
Ngā rōpū moni kore hua

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Staff and volunteers

Find out about your responsibilities for volunteer, paid or contracted staff members. You can also find out about honoraria.

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GST and income tax

Find out what income is liable for GST and income tax. You can also find out about registering for GST, and the income tax exemption.

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Charitable organisations

Find out about income tax and charitable organisations, income tax exemption and donee status for community housing entities.

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Donations, grants and funding

Find out more about receiving donations, grants, funding and donation receipts.

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Keeping records and filing returns

Find out about filing your tax returns and how to update or register your nominated person. You can also find out what records you need to keep.

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Donee organisations

Find out if your organisation meets the criteria for donee status and how to apply for it. You can also find out about overseas donee status for separate funds.

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