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Non-profit organisations Ngā rōpū moni kore hua

Donee organisations

If you make a donation to a donee organisation, generally you can claim a tax credit (formerly rebate) for that donation.

Companies (including certain societies) and Māori authorities can claim a deduction for donations they make to these organisations.

You can see the list of approved donee organisations.

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Applying to be a donee organisation

Organisations with charitable purposes will need to register with Charities Services

All other organisations, please send us:

  • IRD number - if you don't have one, you'll need to apply by completing an IRD number application - resident non-individual (IR596)
  • a copy of the organisation's rules, constitution, trust deed or other founding documents
  • a copy of the  certificate of incorporation (if applicable)
  • details of how the organisation has been or will be operating including where the organisation's funds will be applied.

If your purpose is mainly overseas go to Charitable bodies requesting overseas donee status