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If you change the wording in your not-for-profit's rules, constitution or other founding document, you may need to tell us, Charities Services or the Companies Office. 

  • Charities need to register changes with Charities Services.
  • Incorporated societies or charitable trusts need to register changes with the Companies Office.

If your charitable trust is registered with both organisations, you will need to contact both.

When to tell us about changes

Only tell us if the wording changes will affect your tax benefits. For example, if we’ve already granted you an exemption or deduction, changing the date of your annual general meeting will not affect these, so you do not need to tell us.

If we asked you to make changes

We might turn down your request for an exemption or deduction because you do not have the right wording in your not-for-profit’s rules. In this case, if you make the changes, you still need to register them with the Companies Office or Charities Services before we can give you any exemption or deduction.

Use the right wording in your not-for-profit rules or constitution

Companies Office (MBIE)
Charities Services (DIA)

Last updated: 15 Nov 2022
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