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You can deregister a portfolio investment entity (PIE) by completing the online form in myIR.

You can stop being a PIE at any time if:

  • the PIE permanently breaches the eligibility rules
  • the PIE is winding up
  • the PIE is opting out or deregistering
  • a portfolio investor proxy (PIP) changes to become a full PIE
  • the entity registered when it shouldn't have.

Eligibility to be a portfolio investment entity

Gather your information

You'll need:

  • the name and IRD number of the PIE
  • the reason it is ceasing
  • the date it is ceasing.

Complete the form in myIR

You'll find the deregistration form under 'I want to'.

This form is only available online.

Do it now in myIR

What happens next

We'll contact you for more information once we've received your deregistration form.

You can find out more about ceasing a portfolio investment entity in our Portfolio investment entity guide - IR860.