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Working for families payments 22nd June 2021 Your working for families payment may be in your bank account later than usual today. You will still receive your payment by the end of the day.

End of tax year We’re sending income tax assessments out from late-May until the end of July. If you have a tax bill you may be eligible for an automatic write off. Find out more

We receive details of property sale from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) every week from the tax statements completed by buyers and sellers of property. This enables us to assess tax obligations with regards to the sale of property, including under the bright-line rules. If you're one of these customers, we contact you shortly after the sale to explain how the income tax rules may apply to your property, and provide guidance on how to plan for it. We also supply a link to a guide to work out what tax you need to pay, removing the uncertainty of guess work.

Once income tax returns are due, the LINZ data helps us identify and follow up with people who have not declared income from their property sales. We contact these customers to guide them on declaring the right amounts and help them through the process of correcting their returns. Depending in the situation we may perform an audit, or in extreme cases, prosecute for tax avoidance.

Soon we’ll be using the LINZ data to identify customers who have bought their first investment property. If you're one of these customers we'll let you know your tax obligations and how the bright-line rule may apply to any future sale at the start of your journey.