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Working for families payments 22nd June 2021 Your working for families payment may be in your bank account later than usual today. You will still receive your payment by the end of the day.

End of tax year We’re sending income tax assessments out from late-May until the end of July. If you have a tax bill you may be eligible for an automatic write off. Find out more

Our new computer system gives us a greater overview of trends and patterns in tax compliance.

If the information you send us is different to what we’d expect given your industry or past behaviour, we'll stop these returns from processing to review them.  A lot of the time we'll contact you to discuss your situation, fix your return (if it needs fixing) and enable you to get it right next time. However, due to the range of information we look at when deciding what action to take, an audit may be more appropriate when it supports our compliance strategy.

We've also stopped a lot of incorrect refunds going out, meaning you do not have to worry about following these up with us and sending the money back.

If our analytics suggest you're a first-time business owner, we’ll be in touch to see how we can help you from the outset.

We've found that often return errors are caused by customers not knowing where to put a figure in their tax return. We stop those returns before they are processed and inform the customer. We also use this information to improve our online services.

If someone has engaged in fraudulent activity in the past, we flag their account to watch what they're doing. This does not mean they'll be investigated every year. Instead, we work with them to change their behaviour.