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Budget 2024 | The Government has confirmed changes and provided more information on FamilyBoost. Find out more: FamilyBoost

Budget 2024 | The Government has confirmed changes to personal income tax, the independent earner tax credit, in-work tax credit, and the minimum family tax credit. Find out more: Personal income tax threshold changes

Using customer insights helps us continually improve our activities, maintain the integrity of the revenue system by better targeting our interventions, and design and deliver the right customer experiences.

Improved compliance and customer outcomes

One of our case studies looks at how we used our intelligence and insights to make improvements to 2021 automatic individual income tax assessments. We focused on increasing the accuracy of data and reducing errors or confusion to improve the experience and outcomes for customers.

Year 3 of automatically issued income tax assessments

Another case study looks at a range of targeted activities that use intelligence and insights to facilitate international tax compliance.

Facilitating international tax compliance through a range of targeted activities

Customer maturity score

We did not undertake a customer maturity assessment in 2020-21 as we focused on other priorities such as supporting customers through the challenges of COVID-19. In 2018, we completed an internal assessment of how customer-centric we are, using the Forrester maturity framework. We scored 3 out of a possible 5.

Last updated: 02 Nov 2021
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