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Te Tari Taake collects data through our People Experience Pulse (PXP), and through our employee management system. This roadmap uses data and insights collected about gender, pay, representation of Māori across the organisation and within roles. We use this data to help shape our organisational work programmes and provide insights into our representation and pay gaps.

We use longitudinal data to help understand the changes and incremental shifts, and to show our progress to date.

When referring to gender pay, the measurements do not include employees that identify outside the gender binary, due to limited numbers and the risk associated with publishing figures that may cause individual employee data to be identified.

Māori data sovereignty

The data in these packs is collected from our internal communities in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. Māori data is collected in partnership with Inland Revenue’s Māori communities, and is treated with the respect and care of other taonga.

Last updated: 11 Jan 2024
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