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The graph below indicates reported feelings of inclusion for Māori at Inland Revenue. This dimension has continued to trend in a positive direction since the People Experience Pulse (PXP) survey was introduced in 2020 with 86% of ALL employees (non-Māori included) who responded in 2023 indicating they felt ‘mostly included’ (4) or ‘really included’ (5) in their day-to-day experience at work.

Since 2020, reported feelings of inclusion for Māori have trended positively, with a minor decrease in May 2023.

Over the next 12 months, we will be undertaking a deeper analysis of our PXP surveys to determine if there is any differences in sentiment and commentary from our Māori employees and leverage this insight to support our future attraction approaches.

PXP results for Māori for the Inclusion Dimension from 2020 - 2023
Date of PXP Result of PXP
November 2020 3.8
March 2021 3.9
September 2021 4.0
June 2022 4.1
November 2022 4.4
May 2023 4.3

Māori representation

The key focus of this roadmap is to reinforce our commitment to increasing Māori representation – specifically called out through these 3 goals:

  • Increase in Māori joining Te Tari Taake Inland Revenue – attraction.
  • Increased Māori in leadership roles, focusing on Team Lead and Senior leadership - particular focus on wāhine Māori.
  • Increased Māori representation across higher level/higher paid technical roles - particular focus on wāhine Māori.

Māori make up 12.4% of Inland Revenue’s workforce, with Aotearoa New Zealand population being approximately 16.5% Māori*.

Māori representation broken down by gender (%)
Māori representation 12.4%
Wāhine Māori representation 9.32%
Tāne Māori representation 2.96%
Māori representation across organisational roles (%)
Senior management 13%
Management 9%
Team Leader 14%
Staff 12%

*Population data from Statistics NZ, Census 2018

Last updated: 11 Jan 2024
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