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These graph show the positions Māori hold within Inland Revenue. This enables Inland Revenue to identify areas of opportunity to increase Māori representation. Higher representation in the Customer Service roles generally indicates these are entry points, and this entry point is designed to provide our people with the foundational tax knowledge that enables them to move into other technical and senior roles.

Representation of Māori within roles (%)
Role  Māori representation within role 
Customer Service Officer (L1) 14%
Community Compliance Officer 25%
Customer Service Officer (L2) 16%
Team Lead (L1) 17%
Domain Specialist (L2) 13%
Domain Specialist (L1) 19%
Customer Compliance Specialist (L2) 5%
Project Team Member (Secondment) 11%
Customer Support Administrator 24%
Analyst (L2) 16%
Business Lifecycle Manager 15%
Business Support (L2) 14%
Domain Principal 8%
Team Lead (L2) 8%
Customer Compliance Specialist (L1) 3%
Customer Compliance Specialist (L3) 11%
Intelligence & Insight Specialist (L2) 8%
Service Owner (L1) 15%
Analyst (L1) 17%
Business Process Specialist 8%
Change Analyst (L2) 13%
Management Support 13%
Policy Advisor (L3) 13%
Solicitor (L2) 7%
Solicitor (L3) 7%
Technical Lead 9%
Technical Specialist (L3) 7%
Technology Specialist (L2) 6%
Cumulative percentage of representation of Māori within roles (%)
Role Māori representation within role
Customer Service Officer (L1) 39%
Community Compliance Officer 51%
Customer Service Officer (L2) 59%
Team Lead (L1) 64%
Domain Specialist (L2) 68%
Domain Specialist (L1) 72%
Customer Compliance Specialist (L2) 75%
Project Team Member (Secondment) 77%
Customer Support Administrator 78%
Analyst (L2) 80%
Business Lifecycle Manager 81%
Business Support (L2) 83%
Domain Principal 84%
Team Lead (L2) 85%
Customer Compliance Specialist (L1) 86%
Customer Compliance Specialist (L3) 87%
Intelligence & Insight Specialist (L2) 88%
Service Owner (L1) 89%
Analyst (L1) 89%
Business Process Specialist 90%
Change Analyst (L2) 90%
Management Support 91%
Policy Advisor (L3) 92%
Solicitor (L2) 92%
Solicitor (L3) 93%
Technical Lead 93%
Technical Specialist (L3) 93%
Technology Specialist (L2) 94%

Māori has 12% representation across Inland Revenue.

  •  51% of Māori in Inland Revenue are within the CSO L-1 and Community Compliance Officer.
  • Māori have high representation in the Community Compliance role (25%) - the Community Compliance Kaitakawaenga Māori role was intentionally designed to deliver Inland Services to whānau, hapū and iwi centric way to ensure our Māori cusomers have the tools to self-manage their tax affairs. Recruitment for these roles was designed to attract and retain Māori, which indicates this approach is effective and produces results.

These roles have a high percentage of Māori individuals in Inland Revenue (75% of Māori):

  • Customer Service Officer (L1)
  • Community Compliance Officer
  • Customer Service Officer (L2)
  • Team Lead(L1)
  • Domain Specialist (L2)
  • Domain Specialist (L1).
Last updated: 11 Jan 2024
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