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Gather your information

You will need each employee’s:

  • full name, IRD number and tax code
  • start or finish date if they started or finished working for you during the month
  • employer superannuation contribution tax
  • pay period start and end dates
  • pay cycle
  • payday date
  • gross earnings
  • earnings not liable for ACC earners’ levy
  • lump sum acknowledgement
  • PAYE and any withholding tax deductions
  • child support, student loan or KiwiSaver deductions
  • net KiwiSaver employer contributions.

Go to your Payroll account in myIR

Select the Payroll account tile on your home page.

Select the Periods tab

Alternatively, you can select ‘View all periods’.

Choose the return you want to file

Select the month you’re filing, for example ‘30-Apr-2020’. This is on the left of the web page.

Select 'File or amend return'

This is on the right side of the page under ‘I want to’.

Select 'Complete online'

Fill out the online return

Add the date and each employee’s information in their own tabs, then select ‘next’.

Submit it to us

Check your information is correct. If you’re going to pay by direct debit you can set this up now.

Click ‘submit’.

Do it now in myIR

What happens next

After you've submitted your employment information you can:

  • amend your return
  • print your return.

Amend an employment information return