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If something goes wrong when you’re filing or amending employment information or employee details in myIR we’ll tell you with an error message on screen.

If you’re using file upload or express file transfer, you can choose to correct errors by changing your file or, you can correct the errors on screen in myIR.

Viewing error information for uploaded files

If there are errors on a file you've uploaded, you'll get an error notification.

For information about errors, select 'View and export error report'.

Error alert showing in myIR for uploaded file "We have found errors in your file".

The report tells you the error line locations and details. You can choose to export this information to a CSV file if you have multiple errors.

Error information - "A tax code must be provided".

There are 2 ways of clearing errors - edit directly in myIR or change the file and upload or transfer it again.

Edit in myIR to clear errors

To correct errors in myIR, select 'Edit' and follow the error message link in myIR.

Error notification showing next to the relevant employee line item.

Edit your file to clear errors and upload the file again

You can correct errors in your file using a text editor such as Notepad. Notepad is free and comes installed on all windows-based computers. Do not open with Excel as this will cause structural errors in the file.

Structural errors

Structural errors indicate problems with the file, for example too many columns.

They can be caused by:

  • opening the file using Excel. Excel’s automatic formatting features will change date formats and add commas. If you need to edit the file, please use a text editor such as Notepad which is free and comes installed on all Windows-based computers.
  • adding commas in any field including the name field, for example adding a comma between an employee’s last name, first name.

Employment information (EI) list of fields and example file

Header (line 1)

Employee information (line 2+)

Employment information amendment (EIA) list of fields and example files

File format for amending returns filed before April 2021 (EIA)

Header (line 1)
Employee information (line 2+)

File format for amending returns filed from April 2021 (EIA2)

Header (Line 1)
Employee info (Line 2+)

Employee details list of fields and example file (ED) (includes KiwiSaver)

Header (Line 1)

Employee details (Line 2+)

Employee details sample file
DED,123018635,Smith Mary,Mrs,Mary,,Smith,19850614,20191015,,NE,AK,,[email protected],NZL,021123456,,,,,NZL,,,,,,
12 Small Street,,Springfield,6881,,N ,,,,,,,,,
DED,000000000,Hall Brian,Mr,Brian,Jack,Hall,19550308,20191015,,NE,CT ,,,,,,NZL,041234567,,NZL,,,,,,
23 Tall Road,,Huttville,6547,,Y,08,0456,0123456,0025,,Brian J Hall,20191031,,

Errors and solutions

Last updated: 08 Aug 2021
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