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If you make a mistake in an investment income return, you can correct it in myIR using the online form. For example, if you left out some customers from the report or provided incorrect information in the return.

Before you start

You’ll need details of: 

  • the payee whose information is wrong
  • what the correct information should be.

Access your withholding tax account in myIR

For example, click the ‘RWT on interest’ hyperlink on the account tile.

Select your return for the relevant period

Select the 'Periods' tab and select the period hyperlink for the return that needs to be amended.

Then select ‘File or amend return’ in the ‘I want to…’ section, then select ‘Amend a return’.

Tell us why you're amending the return

Select an amendment reason (for example, ‘calculation error’) and briefly explain how the mistake happened.

Select 'Enter online' and make your changes

Select ‘edit’ on the line item that needs amending, modify the fields that need amending and then confirm that the information is correct.

Make your payment

If you need to make a payment, you can choose to pay by direct debit now. If so, enter your bank details and select 'Payment confirmation'.

You can also choose to pay later.

Final return

Only select ‘final return’ if you are no longer going to be paying investment income.

Submit your online return

A confirmation page will show once the return has been submitted.

Log in to myIR

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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