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Your not-for-profit may need to file returns with us for income tax, GST, employing staff or other tax types. This depends on how your organisation runs.

You also need to file regular returns with Charities Services or the Companies Office.

Income tax

If you have an income tax exemption and do not pay any tax, you do not need to file an income tax return. For example, if you’re a registered charity.

When not-for-profits do not pay tax

If you have an income deduction, you only need to file a return if your income is over $1,000. Let us know if you need to file – we will not send out income tax returns automatically.

Pay less tax with a not-for-profit income deduction
File a Clubs and societies tax return - IR9

Other types of tax

You also need to keep up to date with returns for any tax type you’re registered for. For example, GST or employment information forms if you employ staff.

Payday filing
Volunteer payments and expenses
Filing and paying GST, and refunds

File with Charities Services or Companies Office

If you’re a registered charity, you need to stay registered with Charities Services to keep your tax benefits. This means filing your financial information with them regularly, or anything else they ask for.

If you're registered with the Companies Office, you also need to file with them regularly.

Charities Services annual returns
Companies Office

Maintain your registration to keep your tax benefits

Last updated: 15 Nov 2022
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