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For individuals & families
Te hunga takitahi me ngā whānau
For individuals & families: As a parent

Tax credits (formerly rebates) for working parents

You may apply for a tax credit if you earn a taxable income and:

  • have donated money to a charitable organisation, and/or
  • have paid school fees.

If your donations were made to an approved donee organisation through your employer's payroll giving scheme you can't use the IR526 for these donations. You received the tax credits for these at the time of your donation.

You can use the IR526 to claim tax credits for donations not made through payroll giving.

Fill in a Tax credit claim form (IR526) at the end of the tax year.  We will send you a form automatically if you claimed a tax credit in the previous year.

After you send the form to us, we calculate how much you are entitled to receive as a tax credit for the year.

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