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Over the last year pay gaps have been decreasing across all groups

Pay gaps by ethnicity
Ethnicity Average pay gap Median pay gap
European -21.4% -29.3%
Māori 8.7% 8.3%
MELAA 9.1% 16.6%
Asian 12.7% 19.4%
Pacific Peoples 13.3% 15.0%


Female/wāhine pay gaps by ethnicity
Ethnicity Average pay gap Median pay gap
European female / wāhine 10.5% 15.9%
MELAA female / wāhine 21.6% 31.3%
Māori female / wāhine 22.5% 28.6%
Asian female / wāhine 23.5% 34.1%
Pacific Peoples female / wāhine 25.1% 31.3%

Our analysis of ethnicity pay gaps show the following:

  • The average pay for men/tāne is higher than that for women/wāhine across all ethnicities except European women.
  • The current average ethnicity pay gaps are 13.26% for Pacific peoples, 12.73% for Asian, 9.11% for Middle Eastern, Latin American and African people (MELAA), and 8.72% for Māori.
  • The pay gaps are significantly higher for women – with a pay gap of 22.5% for Māori wāhine, 23.5% for Asian women and 25.1% for Pacific women.
  • Over the past five years pay gaps have been decreasing across all groups except for Asian women, which has increased. This is likely due to an increased number of Asian new hires in frontline roles.

As with gender, representation is the primary reason for Inland Revenue’s ethnicity pay gaps. A large proportion of Māori, Pacific peoples, Asian and MELAA people are in lower paid roles, and a smaller proportion are in higher paid roles.

Based on ethnicity within roles, like-for-like pay differences is minimal. We will continue to review within role analysis as the population shifts to ensure no pay gaps are created. 

Median and average pay by gender and ethnicity
Ethnicity and gender Average pay Median pay
European Male 110,042 107,339
Māori Male 100,150 87,491
Pacific Peoples Male 90,725 82,399
European Female 92,143 81,274
Asian Male 89,026 79,744
MELAA Male 90,524 76,772
Māori Female 79,820 69,031
Pacific Peoples Female 77,131 66,391
MELAA Female 80,721 66,388
Asian Female 78,773 63,740

The average and median pay is lower for Pacific, Asian, Māori and MELAA women and highest for European men.


Group pay gaps are calculated as the difference between the average salary for a group and the average salary of all those not in that group, expressed as a percentage of the average salary of those not in that group.

The percentage of individuals who have disclosed their ethnicity is 84.5% as at July 2023 (3,551 individuals compared to 650 who have not declared their ethnicity). There are 194 ethnicities in our system that an individual can choose from and these are categorised into Asian, European, Māori, MELAA, Pacific peoples, other ethnicities, and did not declare.

Last updated: 03 Jan 2024
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