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Pacific peoples make up 9.2% of our workforce, with 7% being Pacific wāhine. (The New Zealand Population is approximately 8% Pacific peoples).

Today we currently have a 13.26% pay gap across all Pacific peoples and 25.11% for Pacific wāhine, being the largest pay gap for a population that Inland Revenue currently has.

As with our all pay gaps, our Pacific peoples’ pay gaps is driven by representation.

Our data shows that 43% of our Pacific people are in Customer Service Officer Level 1 roles - this is one of the lowest paid roles in the organisation. Representation in the Team Lead group is 10.6%, reducing to just 3.6% in management and senior management level roles.

The data shows that 13% of our Pacific peoples are in senior technical roles. (This includes all technical and specialist roles above level 1). 

Role Percentage of role Cumulative total of our Pacific People
Customer Service Officer (L1) 11% 43%
Community Compliance Officer 13% 51%
Customer Compliance Specialist (L2) 10% 59%
Customer Service Officer (L2) 10% 65%
Team Lead (L1) 10% 70%
Customer Compliance Specialist (L1) 8% 73%
Domain Specialist (L2) 7% 76%
Team Lead (L2) 15% 79%
Business Support (L2) 18% 81%
Business Lifecycle Manager 17% 83%
Domain Specialist (L1) 7% 85%
Analyst (L1) 33% 86%
Customer Support Administrator 12% 87%
Project Team Member (Secondment) 5% 89%
Solicitor (L1) 33% 90%
Solicitor (L2) 15% 91%
Business Process Specialist 13% 92%
Group Lead 16% 93%
Change Analyst (L2) 13% 94%
Domain Principal 3% 94%
Intelligence & Insight Specialist (L1) 13% 95%
Kaitohutohu (L2) 50% 95%
Management Support 13% 96%
Pacific People's average Pay gap
Group 2021 2022 2023
Pacific average pay gap 15.5% 14.18% 13.26%
Pacific wāhine average pay gap 27.38% 26.8% 25.11%
Pacific People's overall Representation 2021-2023
Group 2021 2022 2023
All Pacific Representation 9% 9% 9%
Pacific Wāhine 6% 7% 7%
Pacific Tāne 3% 2% 2%

The percentage of Pacific Peoples in IR has been stable from 2021 to 2023

Pacific People's representation by organisation level from 2022 to 2023
2022 2023
Staff Team leader Management Senior management Staff Team leader Management Senior management
Pacific Peoples 9.3% 8.5% 2.8% 3.4% 9.3% 10.6% 3.8% 3.6%

Representation in team leader, management and senior management roles has increased from 2022 to 2023.

Understanding the lived experiences

Over the last several months, we have been working alongside members of our Pacific communities at Inland Revenue to understand more about the experiences that have been had in relation to development and careers.

Through a series of on-going talanoa and collaborative workshops, we have heard stories about experiences of our Pacific people. These experiences cross many of our people processes, leadership including the capability of people leaders, the behaviours we demonstrate and our working environment in general.

We have worked in partnership to establish the way forward and a series of actions to continue to support a positive shift in representation of our Pacific people.

Taking action

Many of the actions in our diversity equity and inclusion roadmap are supported by reference groups and working groups from across our Pacific community, this includes:

  • leadership development through the Te Pou o te Tangata mahi
  • recruitment practices that are inclusive of cultural needs and create a supportive experience for Pacific peoples
  • open and visible processes and support relating to external development programmes particularly aimed at underrepresented communities (such as Tū Mau Mana Moana) and other development programmes - that set people up for success should they choose to apply.

Alongside this wider focus, we are supporting the progress of a development programme for Pacific peoples, developed with Pacific peoples.

This programme will focus on personal skills, that have been identified by our Pacific working groups as being important, as well as support and tools to enable more practical aspects such as cover letters for new roles and opportunities, writing a resume and interview skills.

Other actions in this roadmap that relate to our talent system, access to learning that supports individual needs and the cultural capability of people leaders will all contribute to creating a positive change to Pacific peoples’ representation.

Creating outcomes

The overall outcome of this focus is to support a positive shift in the representation of Pacific peoples at Inland Revenue, and to enable increased outcomes for Pacific peoples in terms of career development and aspirations. For specific representation outcomes see the next section of this roadmap – Representation goals.

Last updated: 03 Jan 2024
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