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Inland Revenue’s business transformation programme has made tax and payments simpler, open and more certain for customers. Far more than just a technology upgrade, it has changed every aspect of the way we operate.

Here’s what we learned along the way.

A rare opportunity

In November 2015, the government agreed to invest in Inland Revenue’s transformation, upgrading the systems we’d been using since the 1980s. The intent was to deliver a modern, digital revenue system that enabled customers to do as much for themselves as possible in a way and at a time that suited them.

But this also provided the opportunity to fundamentally review how we administered the revenue system. This would involve a combination of changes to policy, process, technology, and people capabilities.

Where we are now

We’ve completed our customer-facing changes, with 6 releases across 4 stages implemented successfully on time and under budget. The modern, digital revenue system envisaged by transformation is now in place. The programme closed 30 June 2022, after our old systems were fully decommissioned.

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The transformation timeline showing the overlap of workstreams


Last updated: 02 Jul 2021
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