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Name of agreement Integrated dataset on student loan borrowers
Agency data share is with Multi-agency (Statistics New Zealand, Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Education)
MoU title Memorandum of Understanding between IR, MSD, Ministry of Education and Statistics New Zealand – Agreement Integrated dataset on student loan borrowers
Agency using the data Ministry of Education, Statistics NZ, and third parties (users of the Integrated Data Infrastructure)
Purpose Production of an annual integrated dataset on student loan borrowers and student allowance recipients in New Zealand to be used for statistical purposes.
Data exchanged Inland Revenue provides Statistics New Zealand with information on:
  • repayment deduction exemptions
  • outstanding SLCIR amounts
  • loan transfer details
  • financial details
  • IR3 key points
  • PTS information
  • student loan registration
  • student personal details
  • customs data
  • NRB status
  • HOL status
  • employer details
  • borrower addresses
  • over the month borrower transactions
  • end of month total loan balances
  • customs border movements
  • overdue amounts, overseas based borrower compliance dataset, and
  • student loans income adjustments dataset.
Legal authority Schedule 7, part C, clause 21 of the Tax Administration Act 1994 and the Statistics Act 1975.
Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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