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Name of agreement Access and supply of information for statistical and research purposes
Agency data share is with Statistics New Zeland
MoU Memorandum of Understanding between Statistics New Zealand and Inland Revenue
Agency using the data Statistics NZ and third parties (users of the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) and Longitudinal Business Database (LBD)) where Inland Revenue or Statistics NZ have approved the research project.
Purpose Enable Statistics NZ to develop New Zealand's official statistics and enable third party researcher access to de-identified data for Inland Revenue approved research projects.
Data exchanged Information on tax returns and registrations:
  • Tax registrations data
  • Tax returns data
  • Tax information from START
  • Working for Families data
  • All changes to code files associated with exchanged data.
Research and Development Tax Credit information:
  • Claimant details and statement type
  • R&D activity and financial details
  • Consolidated project details
Legal authority Schedule 7, part C, clause 21 of the Tax Administration Act 1994 and the Statistics Act 1975.
Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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