Budgeting for success

Going into a new business venture can be an exciting time. No-one goes into business to fail, but sometimes because of various factors, new businesses can flounder.

Businesses are generally more successful where a business plan and a budget to show how you're going to meet your financial goals have been prepared.

A business plan will outline your costs and identify a break-even point. This, combined with a budget that an accountant can assist you with, as well as regular business health checks, will help your business to be successful.

Find business plan and financial forecasting templates and useful health checks at Business.govt.nz

It's important that you include in your budget things like tax and ACC levies.

Open a separate account for these items and put 25% of your sales income into it on a regular basis to avoid a situation where you're not able to meet your commitments.

It is also important that if you're in a situation where you're unable to pay us, ACC or anyone that the business owes money to, that you contact us or them as soon as possible to discuss your situation and available options.