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For businesses and employers Ngā pakihi me ngā kaiwhakawhiwhi mahi

Managing your business tax obligations

If you are having difficulty making your tax payments you should contact us to discuss your circumstances. Learn about how to put your tax affairs right if you disagree with an assessment or if you have made an error on a return or paid an incorrect amount to us. Taxpayers who do not meet their obligations may face penalty or interest charges.

Putting your tax returns right

Learn the benefits of making a voluntary disclosure and how to make a voluntary disclosure.

Penalties and interest for failing to meet tax obligations

Learn which penalties and interest apply for late filing or late tax payments, or for not paying the full amount of tax owed

Disagreeing with a tax assessment from Inland Revenue

Learn the procedure to follow if you disagree with a tax assessment from Inland Revenue

Planning ahead

Find out about the options available for someone who may be having difficulty making tax payments owed to Inland Revenue