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Keeping records

It is important you keep accurate and complete records. Your business records should include banking information, proof of income and expenses, cash books and wage books. You can also get free advice from a Community Compliance Officer if you need assistance with your record keeping.

Keeping a wage book

Provides some tips and a visual example of entries in a wage book.

Keeping accurate, complete records

Introduces the different areas of record keeping and links to further detail on each.

Records of income

Learn what records of income you should keep for tax purposes.

Tax invoices

Provides a visual example of a tax invoice.

Financial reporting for companies

Find out which companies must prepare financial accounts and what the minimum financial reporting requirements are.

Keeping records on computer for audit

If you have computerised accounting and record systems, you need to make sure that these are set up and maintained correctly. We can accept data in a variety of formats for audit purposes. You need to consider how you will access older data if you upgrade or change your system.

Deposit books

Provides information on keeping a deposit book including a visual example.


Provides information on recording sales and purchases in a cashbook, including a visual example.

Banking records and drawings

Learn what kind of banking records to keep for tax purposes, how to record money withdrawn for personal use or personal money put into the business

Records of expenses

Learn what records of expenses you need to keep for tax purposes.

Petty cash books

Provides information on keeping a petty cash book and gives a visual example.

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Did you know?

From May 2008 people applying for new IRD numbers will receive a nine digit number. As an employer, your payroll system will need to be able to accommodate both eight and nine digit numbers.

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