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We took the decision to set up a dedicated programme communications team at the start of the programme to focus on the impacts of change. This team remained in place until the end of the programme and was accountable for all messaging to internal and external stakeholders and delivered the majority of communication. Inland Revenue’s in-house teams maintained responsibility for mass-marketing campaigns and media relations.

IR for the Future

The transformation inherited a strategy which remains in place today.

IR for the Future maps out Inland Revenue’s strategic direction – our guide to what we want to be as an organisation. It was developed through consultation with our people and launched in March 2011 and has been updated several times.

At the programme’s inception, IR for the Future was very familiar to Inland Revenue people and an illustration of the strategy featured on the wall of every Inland Revenue office.

Simple, more open and certain

We created a simple statement to introduce the aim of the transformation:

Business Transformation is a multi-year, multi-stage change programme that will help us become the modern world-class revenue organisation that's set out in our vision IR for the Future. It's about changing Inland Revenue to make it simpler, more open and certain for New Zealanders to pay their taxes and receive their entitlements.

We have retained and reiterated the message ‘simple, more open and certain’ throughout the life of the transformation.

Last updated: 16 May 2022
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