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Follow these steps to set up a 'direct debit authority' with us. This is an agreement telling us which bank account you'll use to make direct debit payments.

Before you start

You'll need:

  • the name of the country or region where you have the bank account
  • the full name of the account holder
  • your bank account details.

Set up a direct debit authority in myIR

From the homepage in myIR, you can set up a direct debit with us by going to 'Manage my profile' under the 'I want to...' tab.

From here, select 'Manage payment channels' then 'Set up a direct debit authority'.

Choose your country or region

You'll have a choice between banks for:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Single European Payments Area
  • United Kingdom
  • United States (some US banks require an ACH number to verify a debit initiator, our ACH number is 1000000333).

Fill in your details

You'll need to enter:

  • the full name of the account holder
  • your bank account details.

Depending on the country or region you're paying from, you may need to enter more information. You'll see these fields if they apply to you.

You can use the 'default personalised name' that myIR creates for referring to your account or write your own.

Click 'Next'.

Confirm your information and accept the terms and conditions

Make sure the information is correct.

Read the terms and conditions. If you accept them, click 'I have read and agreed to the direct debit terms and conditions'.

Click 'Submit'.

Log in to myIR

What happens next

You'll get a message right away confirming that your direct debit authority is approved.

Now, you can choose between:

  • A one-off direct debit payment.
  • Ongoing direct debit payments for debt you can pay in full before the due date.
  • An instalment arrangement for overdue debt, or debt you cannot pay in full by the due date.

You can choose to remove the direct debit authority at any time.

Approval can take 3 to 5 days if you're setting up a direct debit agreement for a bank account in the United Kingdom. We'll let you know when it is approved.

My responsibilities

This step is to set up your direct debit agreement with us. You still need to authorise the payment.

Make a one-off direct debit payment

Make ongoing direct debit payments

Apply for an instalment arrangement

If you cannot get direct debit to work, double-check that:

  • you gave us the full name of the account holder, as it appears on the bank account
  • approve the direct debit payment by clicking 'OK' when authorising us to debit the account
  • your bank allows international direct debits, if paying from overseas
  • your actual bank account allows for direct debit payments
  • the bank account is in your local currency, as it will need to match the country or region you're paying from.

If you need help, contact us by sending a message in myIR or give us a call.

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Last updated: 03 Jul 2023
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