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The NZ$50,000 threshold

The threshold is intended to reduce compliance costs for investors with relatively small amounts invested offshore.

If ... and the ... then ...

you are a resident natural person or a trustee of an eligible trust with an attributing interest in a FIF


  • total amount of the interest does not exceed the NZ$50,000 threshold at any time during the income year, and
  • interest is held on capital account

you will continue to pay tax only on dividends received and not be required to calculate income under the new FIF rules.

$50,000 threshold is exceeded at any time in an income year

all your offshore interests fall within the FIF rules - the first NZ$50,000 is not exempt.



For income years starting on or after 1 July 2011 where you do not reach the $50,000 threshold you can elect to calculate your income using the FIF rules. If you do elect to do this you are required to calculate your income using the FIF rules for 4 years.